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Cell culture
Cell culture chambers LAB-TEK Nunc
From 65 CHF
ClearLine® Cell Strainers
From 76 CHF
Molecular biology
System RunOne
From 758 CHF
From 1 016 CHF
Eppendorf twin.tec® PCR plate
From 160 CHF
Corning® Media buffered saline solutions
From 135 CHF
Molecular Biology - Nucleic Acids
Biodyne enzymes
From 29 CHF
Biodyne HOT FIREPol®
From 53 CHF
From 39 CHF
dNTP : deoxyribonucleotides
From 72 CHF
Serology - Immunology
ClearLine® CE-IVD reagent reservoir
From 30 CHF
Analysis - Measurement - Microbiology
Cellule de comptage à usage unique G-slides
From 168 CHF
Benchtop digital automatic cell counter
From 3 523 CHF
Dyes / bleaches for histology
From 33 CHF
Media and products for bacteriology
From 29 CHF
Storage - Screening
CryoGen® Box 1D and 2D ClearLine®
From 14 CHF
Pipettes - Dispensing
ClearLine® Pipette Controller
From 295 CHF
Calibrex dispensers
From 272 CHF
Pipetboy Acu 2
From 318 CHF
Calibrated glass pipettes
From 4 CHF
Tips - Micropipettes
ClearLine® Filter tips, sterile, racked, lift-off lid
From 33 CHF
Graduated tips ClearLine® on hinged lid rack
From 36 CHF
Stands 2, carousels 2 and supports for Eppendorf pipettes
From 144 CHF
ClearLine® Reload system
From 25 CHF
Tubes and racks
Tubes LoBind Eppendorf
From 12 CHF
Eppendorf 5 mL tubes
From 45 CHF
ClearLine® CLEAR-LOCK microtubes
From 16 CHF
Starter Kit Tube - ClearLine®
From 175 CHF
ClearLine® CLEAR-LOCK tube, 5 mL
From 32 CHF
ClearLine® 1D Barcoded Cryotubes
From 12 CHF
ClearLine® 2D Barcoded Cryotubes
From 84 CHF
Biocision CoolCell containers
From 15 CHF
Cryoboîtes blanches en carton ClearLine®
From 3 CHF
HDPE round bottle with wide neck
From 10 CHF
ClearLine® 500 mL wide-mouth wash bottle
From 6 CHF
Round Integral wash bottle 500 mL
From 17 CHF
Corning® vacuum filter systems
From 65 CHF
Whatman GD/X syringe filters with prefilter
From 373 CHF
Anotop syringe filter
From 889 CHF
Whatman UNIFLO Syringe Filters
From 108 CHF
Glass Vacuum Desiccator
From 138 CHF
Laboratory bottle DURAN Youtility GL45
From 33 CHF
Non slip Jar openers
From 5 CHF
Health and safety
ClearLine® adhesive Lab Tape
From 4 CHF
ClearLine® Permanent marker
From 3 CHF
GHS labels for dangerous products (norm NF)
From 9 CHF
Imprimante Brady M611
From 31 CHF
Ohaus Incubating mini shaker
From 1 506 CHF
Ohaus Orbital shaker for CO₂ incubator
From 3 263 CHF
Solutions standard pour vérification des longueurs d'onde
From 134 CHF
Agitateur magnétique MR Hei-Mix L
From 699 CHF
Serum, media and reagents
From 13 CHF
Amino acids, vitamins, supplements - Range CORNING
From 28 CHF
CORNING Antibiotics
From 88 CHF
Cryopreservation - DMSO - CORNING
From 92 CHF
Hors catalogue MILIAN
Hors catalogue MILIAN
From 38 CHF
Milieux de culture bactério.
Testeurs microbiologiques NOMAD
From 192 CHF
Flacons col étroit
From 9 CHF
Produits chimiques - Analyse de l'eau (Agro)
Colorimètres monoparamètre HACH DR 300
From 611 CHF
Colorimètres monoparamètre and multiparamètres HANNA
From 326 CHF
Colorimètre multiparamètres Rocker WD100
From 1 188 CHF
Bandelettes ClearLine®
From 14 CHF
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